About Us

A Real-estate Data Driven Technology company with over a decade of experience

We have developed a very unique and sophisticated statistical model for Liquidity that provides real-estate professionals with a quick, clear and accurate vision of When, and at What price, a property will sell

Our data set enriched with over decade of MLS and Title data combining with our analytical model to project trend and provide holistic view

Key Differentiator:

Unique statistical model for Liquidity

AVM model is key differentiator in market that utilizes MLS, Title, Geo-image, neighborhood boundaries combined with unique analytics


We have data, process and technology to answer many needed questions in valuation that no other model can do:

  • 30, 60, 90 Days Value
  • Current Value
  • Market Indices for subject property
  • Top 5 comparable properties
  • As-if Retro valuations - at any day going back 10 years using data of that day
  • Detailed Lists & Regressions